Now that Old Country Buffet has closed it's location at the Miller Hill Mall, it got me thinking of what else should go in there. Here's my list of places I'd like to see in that location.

  • 1

    Red Robin

    Who doesn't love a good burger? Red Robin is by far my favorite burger place I've ever ate at, not only do they have awesome burgers, they also have bottomless fries.  I think the burger restaurant would do well in the Northland.

    Getty Images for Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival
  • 2


    I love more options especially when it comes to some upscale fashion. I say why not bring another fashion store to Duluth.

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  • 3

    Cheesecake Factory

    Need I say more? Sit down restaurants are always a must in cities and nothing says "yes please" more than having a Cheesecake Factory in town. From amazing entrees to sweet desserts, let's have one of these in town please!

    Tasos Katopodis
  • 4

    Toys 'R' Us

    I loved dragging my parents to Toys 'R' Us when I was kid and I would love it if they came back.

    Araya Diaz, Getty Images
  • 5


    Carrabba's is an Italian grill that I've never ate at before, but every time I see the commercials, my mouth waters. Plus Italian food is amazing and we need more Italian restaurants!

    Olga Nayashkova
  • 6

    Burlington Coat Factory

    Let's be honest, living in the frozen tundra is no easy task. We definitely need a Burlington Coat Factory in our lives up here.

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  • 7


    I'm not a huge fan of buffets, unless the entire buffet includes different styles of pizza. I've been to one Cici's but they had me at all you can eat pizza. Plus another pizza option couldn't hurt.

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images
  • 8


    You can never have enough clothing options. We used to have a GAP back in the day and I feel like we should bring it back. With the space, they could even make half the store a Baby GAP.

    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
  • 9

    P.F. Chang's

    I would be so down if the Asian-themed restaurant P.F. Chang's came to town. From their amazing food to their catering, I think we could use one of these in Duluth.

    Scott Olson, Getty Images
  • 10

    An Arcade

    Nothing against Adventure Zone, but I need another arcade place in Duluth. There is honestly nothing better as kid taking a trip to the arcade. Just spending hours on video games while the parents shop was the life. At this point, it doesn't even have to be a certain chain, just let there be another arcade!