In January 2001, Eric Schrieffer was murdered in Duluth and the case was featured on Court TV's Forensic Files

My sister was over the other day watching Forensic Files on Netflix and we had no idea the show featured a murder case in Duluth over a decade ago. The case was very complicated due to typical Duluth weather and disappearing witnesses.

The case involved 27 year-old Schrieffer who was murdered after a bike gang altercation at a house party. With little evidence, the main suspect denying everything, and missing witnesses, it was a very good watch to see Duluth investigators do what they do best.

Thankfully the case was finally solved and my condolences go out to the Schrieffer family. If you want to see the episode and have Netflix, it's collection 5 episode 30: 'A Clutch Of Witnesses'. For those that don't have the streaming service, I found the full episode off FilmRise's YouTube page below.