For people looking to take in the 38th running of Grandma's Marathon, there are plenty of fantastic viewing locations that not only offer a great vantage points for the race, but are also convenient to access.

Timelines and Tips

  • The Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon starts at 6:15 am, with the first runners estimated to cross the finish line in Canal Park around 7:15 am.
  • The Full Grandma's Marathon (Runners/Wheelchairs) starts at 7:45 am just outside of Two Harbors, with the first male wheelchair participants expected to cross the finish line in Canal Park around 9:00 am and first female wheelchair participants following around 9:15. The first male runners are anticipated to cross the finish line in Canal Park around 9:55 am, and the first female runners are expected to follow at around 10:15 am.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on the course at any time during the marathon and half marathon. Cars parked along the course will be towed at the owner's expense.
  • Parking along the Highway 61 Expressway is prohibited. Limited parking on access roads between the expressway and Scenic 61 (race course) provide some space for parking.
  • Parking locations in Duluth for spectators are available in multiple public ramps scattered through the downtown area.
  • Bicycles and inline skates are not allowed on the race course.

Viewing Locations

Miles 1-18 - Scenic Highway 61

Viewing locations along the first 19 miles of the course are limited, due to limited parking locations. Some of the most notable locations on this portion of the course are Knife River (located near the 5-mile mark), Homestead Road (located near the 9-mile mark) Ryan Road (located at the 12-mile mark), McQuade Road (located near the 13.4 mile mark), and Lakewalk Road (located at the 16-mile mark).

Miles 19-23.5 - London Road

Viewing along London Road is the first easily-accessible location for spectators. While parking isn't allowed along London Road, a fair amount of parking is located on roads adjacent to the course.

Mile 22 - Lemon Drop Hill

Lemon Drop Hill, located around the area of 26th Avenue East, is a popular viewing location. Parking is primarily street parking in a residential area.

Miles 24-25 - Superior Street

Nearing the finish of the race, this is one of the most accessible locations for those looking to watch the race. With plenty of Downtown Duluth parking options and the close proximity to the finish line, this is a common option for spectators.

Canal Park/Finish Line

Due to the location of the finish line in Canal Park, this tends to be another popular spectator hotspot. While viewing locations are fairly plentiful, prepare to park somewhere downtown and walk to Canal Park, as parking lots and traffic are controlled during race time.