Going to the ballgame usually means shelling out some cash for peanuts and Cracker Jacks, or a brat and beer; depending on your preference. Just how much is getting some food at Target Field going to cost you this season?

The Minnesota Twins released their full concessions list, including new items for 2015. The team has done an excellent job of trying to offer Minnesota-themed items from various culinary experts and restaurants from around the state. With the state-themed offerings and baseball game classics like pretzels and hot dogs, there's definitely something for everyone. Whether you're looking to keep a tight budget, or you want to go all-out, here are some of the least expensive and most extravagant options you'll find this year.

Least Expensive Items

Least Expensive Snack Items
  • Ice Cream Novelties: $3.00
  • Popcorn: $4.00
  • Cracker Jacks: $4.50
  • Pretzel with Cheese: $4.50
Least Expensive Food Items (Non Snack)
  • Vegan Dog: $4.00
  • Original Twins Dog: $4.50
  • Dugout Dog: $5.00
Least Expensive Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Hot Chocolate: $3.50
  • Coffee: $3.50
  • Bottled Water: $4.50
  • Milk: $4.50
Least Expensive Alcoholic Beverages
  • Knob Creek (Neat): $5.00
  • Wine: $6.50

Most Expensive Items

Most Expensive Snack Items
  • Jumbo Cotton Candy: $8.50
  • Izzy's Hand-Scooped Ice Cream: $7.00
  • Root Beer Float: $6.50
  • Angie's Kettle Corn $6.00
Most Expensive Food Items (Non Snack)
  • Murray's Steak Sandwich w/ fries: $16.00
  • Smoked Meat Sandwich w/ Vinegar Slaw & Maple Syrup Hot Sauce: $16.00
  • Butcher & the Boar Pork Rib Tips: $14.00
  • Grande Nacho Helmet: $14.00
  • Murray's Cheese Steak Sandwich: $12.50
Most Expensive Non-Alcoholic Beverage
  • Souvenir Soda (with refill): $12.00
  • Souvenir Hot Mug (seasonal): $9.00
  • Souvenir Soda (no refill): $6.50
Most Expensive Alcoholic Beverage
  • Surly Draft Beer: $10.00
  • Fulton Draft Beer: $10.00
  • Jim Beam Hurricane: $9.00