set out to discover the most affordable small towns in America that might just make city dwellers move. Included in the list are 3 Minnesota towns. 

After assessing more than 500 U.S. Census designated micropolitan areas with a population below 50,000 and ranked the top 10 by median list price. Out of the 10 cities listed, 9 are located in the Midwest (Dumas, TX came in at #9).

I'm sure if Duluth's population was less than 50,000 we would have made the list. New Ulm, MN came in at #8, Austin, MN came in at #5, and Albert Lea (#3) slid in to the top 3. Oskaloosa, IA made #1.

You can see the full list here and let me know what you think of the most affordable small town in America.