Experts are speculating that nearly 100 million Americans will be watching tonight's showdown between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Lester Holt from NBC News will be asking the questions, here are three that I hoped get asked, but probably won't.

  • 1

    Can You Say Something Positive About the Other Candidate?

    Both candidates clearly have plenty of negative things to say about each other, but can they say something positive? Will their egos allow them? It would be nice to see something positive during what will most certainly be two hours of attacking each other.

  • 2

    Do You Consider Yourself Computer Literate?

    We know one candidate has a hard time with email and I'm not sure the other candidate even uses a computer. In this tech-driven world, it would be nice to know that the Commander-in-Chief at least knows the basics of a computer.

  • 3

    What Will Your Administration Do To Govern Using Facts vs. Ideology?

    It seems like facts are ignored on both sides for ideology when it comes to certain issues, when will facts start to matter in this country?