Americans will hand out gobs and gobs of candy this halloween, and sure you could be like every other house on the block, or you could try something new and hand out something other than candy. And believe it or not, I think it can be done without earning a trick from an angry kid who was expecting a sugary treat, here are my top 5 ideas.

  • Plah-Doh

    What kid person doesn't like Play-Doh? For Halloween Play-doh sells this special pack of mini Play-Doh containers. They sell on Amazon for about $10 for a bag of 15 containers, I've also seen these packs available in big box stores for about the same price. The pack contains different colors and is sure to make any trick-or-treater happy.

  • Temporary Tattoos

    My daughter looks like a rockstar sometimes with all the temporary tattoos she has on, so this tells me that she and other kids would probably love getting some for Halloween. I saw this package available at Walgreens for $6, but you can find packages of temporary tattoos just about anywhere, or you can make your own with this DIY tattoo paper.

    Tony Hart
  • Coins

    I have childhood memories of going to a specific house on Halloween and getting money. This particular house passed out little bags of pennies and I couldn't wait to get home and put those pennies in my piggy bank. You don't have to give a lot, remember to a small kid 10 or 20 pennies seems like a fortune. Get some fun Halloween themed bags and ribbon from a craft store and make little baggies of moola boola.

    Eldad Carin
  • Glow Sticks or Braclets

    How about handing out something that will look great in the dark of a Halloween night? Glow items are always a hit with the kids, and they are relatively inexpensive. Grab a package of glow necklaces or bracelets and hand those out, or maybe pass out some glow sticks, either way the kids will love waving them around or wearing them while they finish their trick-or-treating.

    Tony Hart
  • Pencil

    You shouldn't have any problem finding some Halloween themed pencils this time of year, and if you can't find that, finding some kid themed pencils should be cinch. Most kids love to draw, hopefully on paper of course, but if they do find a wall to doodle on, the pencil should come off fairly easy.

    Tony Hart