I'll admit, I love decorating my yard for Halloween and Christmas, I am "that guy" in the neighborhood. I did take a break from Halloween this year as I get the inside of the house ready for my first baby to arrive in December. But I plan to make it bigger and better for 2012! These are my hero's, my inspiration as I look towards the future!

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    Singing Pumpkins

    This is great and very original, using a simple computer program, a laptop and a used projector, this yard maverick made a trio of singing pumpkins!! This is a unique way to greet all the kids coming to trick or treat this year.

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    Singing Pumpkins and Ghost Head

    Using a combination of the effect above and some programmed lights, this goes beyond a yard display, it's a show that is sure to give the chills to anyone that sees it on Halloween.

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    Haunted Yard With Lightning

    This yard looks great complete with lights, fog, props and thunder and lightning. When using props, it's important to remember to not over do it, there is a fine line between cool and tacky!

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    Thriller Animated Yard

    This incredibly eloborate yard display has just about everything that has been featured in this list in one display. Synchronized lighting and animated creatures make this display truly spooky!

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    Thriller Light Show