I have several options in the digital age to get the current temperature, I can check an app on my iPhone, turn on the Weather Channel, go to noaa.gov or just step out the door, either way it doesn't take a genius to know it's cold, very cold! So why do some people feel the need to post a photo the temperature on Facebook? Whether it's a photo of the temperature display in a car or a screenshot of a phone, that is 90% of my feed today. How about we share photos that may warm the soul of your friends instead of a reminder how nasty it is, here are 5 photos that would be better to share.

  • 1

    Baby & Puppies

    How does this picture not warm your insides up?

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  • 2

    Warm Tropical Waters

    You don't have to see more than the color of the water to know that this location is a much better place to be right now, can't you almost taste the Mai Tai?

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  • 3

    The Great Outdoors

    Whether your pleasure is hiking, rafting or camping, just take a second and imagine a beautiful warm summer day in the great outdoors.

  • 4

    Girlfriends at the Beach

    Wouldn't you rather think about a fun, relaxing, warm day at the beach with your girlfriends rather than a day in frozen hell?

  • 5


    You wouldn't be planting flowers and a garden in -20 degree weather, so this photo should remind you of a nice warm late spring day.