This Saturday at Superior Middle School the Taste of Home Cooking School returns to the Twin Ports. Culinary expert Karen Davis will be in town to share tips and recipes at this unique interactive event.

We got a chance to sit down with Karen and get more information about this weekend's school and more.

If people have never gone to a Taste of Home Cooking School before, what can they expect?

Overall, you can expect to have FUN! When you walk in the door you'll receive a gift bag filled with coupons, product samples, and recipe booklets. You can browse vendor booths (set up by local businesses) prior to the show. When the cooking school starts, we'll have a camera mounted above the table to capture an image of what I'm working on. This is projected up onto projection screens. So, there is not a bad seat in the house! There are also door prizes given throughout the event, including each of the recipes I prepare. Finally, plan to do some shopping. We'll have some Taste of Home cookbooks for sale, which are perfect for holiday gift giving!

Do they have to be awesome in the kitchen or already be a good cook, or are all abilities welcomed?

All ability levels are welcome. New cooks will receive step-by-step instructions for each recipe. Experienced cooks will pick up tips and hints along the way. And, if you feel like you're in a rut when it comes to recipes, I'll have 10 new family-friendly recipes to share with you. I know I can sometimes get into a rut myself. It's refreshing to toss a new meal into the mix!

Why do you enjoy cooking?

I love everything about it -- except washing the dishes! Thank goodness for dishwashers! My favorite thing to do is actually baking, and I especially enjoy it when I have extra time on a Sunday afternoon. It's relaxing and fun to bake bread, make cookies, or stir together a homemade cake. I try to share the treats with our neighbors so I can spread the love -- and the calories.

What is one dish that you wish the whole world could try because it’s sooooo good?

My Grandma's homemade chocolate cake. Years ago I entered it in our local county fair when I was part of the 4-H program. It was awarded a purple ribbon. My Grandma was so proud -- and we continue to make her chocolate cake for birthdays and special occasions in our family.

Are you excited to come back to Duluth/Superior?

Absolutely! I had so much fun at the show last year. The favorite part of my job is meeting Taste of Home fans. I relate to them so much, since I started out as a fan before I joined the team as a cooking school instructor. I like Taste of Home recipes because they are down to earth, they typically have common ingredients, and you can count on them to turn out right every time. I love that!