We are fortunate here in the Twin Ports that the kids have tons of different organized sports leagues, but what about for adults? Here is the breakdown on a few of them covering all the seasons.

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    Yes, this is hockey territory where many Northland kids learn how to skate before they can even walk. So, unless you make it to the pros after college how can you maintain your awesome skills and still have some fun? www.duluthsportsleague.com or Contact Missy Hayko (218) 310-3690

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    Beach volleyball has grown by leaps and bounds in the area with a variety of places to play. Whether you want to play a pickup game on one of the six courts or for a bar  league to join click on the link below.For a list of places that offer Beach Volleyball CLICK HERE

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    Disc Golf

    I hate real golf but I have played disc golf before and i really liked it. I am not bashing golf, per say I am just awful at it, so I don't play. Something about disc gold brings me back to throwing a Frisbee for fun as a kid. I first heard about this sport when I was in College and was impressed that the campus even set up holes through out the campus. For a listing of Disc Golf Course in the area Click Here

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    When I first moved to Duluth I realized just how big softball, and leagues are in The Twin Ports. I was ecstatic, having played on a team since grade school I was super impressed with the nice fields at Wheeler and the caliber of many players. The league offers many levels as well, so If your team is not the strongest you can get matched up against teams that are more at your level, making it competitive but fun too. For more information Contact Rick McArthur at (218) 310-4553 or www.zenithcitysoftball.com 

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    I have seen competitive rowing on TV and it looks absolutely amazing, so graceful as they skim over the top of the water, the whole team working in unison to take the lead. If you have an interest in Rowing you are in luck with the Duluth Rowing Club. This is available to kids and adults and all skill levels are welcome. Take advantage of having the largest fresh body of water in the world in our back yard and explore it by rowing! Contact Information: Bonnie Fuller Kask 724-2775 or www.duluthrowing.org 

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