Beside the awesome meal, Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends and counting your blessings over the last year. These are 5 things I'm thankful I got to witness or be part of this year.

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    Polar Bear Plunge

    This annual tradition in Duluth to raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota is a cause I've grown rather fond of being part of over the past few years. I've thorouoghly enjoyed my involvement, and I look forward to next year!

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    Walk to School Day

    For the second year in a row, Lincoln Park Middle School invited MIX 108 to be part of their Walk to School Day festivities. Not only do I love getting out into the community to meet listeners, but this is such a cool event for the students!

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    The Cheesiest Challenge

    While it didn't become a worldwide sensation, this hilarous MIX 108 moment brought us a lot of laughs!

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    Exploring the Ely's Peak Tunnel

    I've heard about this place for some time, and I finally talked Ian into going to check it out with me. While a walk down a trail and through a cave doesn't sound exciting in itself, making the torch we used and shooting the spooky trailer for the video was a lot of fun.

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    The Bear in the Tree in Duluth

    It isn't every day a bear makes an appearance in Downtown Duluth. When I heard there was not only a bear in a tree near City Hall, but also a man in a bear costume trying to talk it down, I HAD to be there to capture the moment. It was amazing!