As a new resident of the Twin Ports area, I have come across some observations during my trial run through the area that I thought would be cool to see what you all thought. These are things that I have found out on my own and with the help of the great people at the radio station. So here are five things that I have found out since I've moved to the area!

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    Kwik Trip

    There's Kwik Trip's everywhere! Seriously everywhere. My coworkers tell me this is a new occurrence, so I think a ton of people can relate to me on this. Looking at Google Maps tells me that there is 11 Kwik Trip locations in Duluth and Superior. I will say the cheap eggs and milk are a sweet perk though, along with the best late night snack ever in the F'real shakes.

    Josh Koop - TSM Duluth
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    Good Pizza Places

    I'm from a small town in Northwest Minnesota and I went to a slightly bigger town in NW Minnesota for college. The pizza choices were good, but not great. That's not the case here, the amount of local pizza places is astonishing and I feel bad only trying out a handful of them so far. Jeanne Ryan tells me that I have to try Sammies, so that is on my list for sure. So if you have a favorite pizza place, let me know where to go!

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
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    One thing I noticed from the first day are the pot holes. The good news is that taking the same route every day to work has conditioned my brain to avoid the major ones for the most part. I still get thrown for a loop every now and then when I am taking new roads and such though.

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
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    Getting Around Superior

    Currently living over in Superior, I had to get familiar with the area quick. That meant finding out what the main roads are. Luckily in Superior, as long as you know Tower Ave and Belknap St, you can have a pretty good grasp on Superior traffic and such. So as long as I know where one of those two streets are, I don't have to break out the Google Maps on my phone.

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
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    Ears Popping

    When I first moved here, my ears would pop every day when I traveled from Superior to the top of the hill. Two months later, my ears pop maybe once a week now.

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth