I'm all for another high school, but if the school board decides not to swing that way, here's a list of 6 things I'd like to see in that location. 


  • 1

    Indoor/Outdoor Water Park

    I'm talking about a Wisconsin Dells type water park. Outdoor portion for the summer time and Indoor for all year round. A water park would be perfect for the 77 acre lot and I'm sure families from all over would enjoy it too. Water slides galore, lazy river, ugh can this just happen now?!

    Robert Cianflone, Getty Images
  • 2

    Large Community Park

    Instead of a water park, why not ditch the water and do a large community park. I'm talking a community garden, an area for yoga and exercise, let's throw in a dog park, and my favorite idea: an indoor play place. During the winter months (which sometimes feel like all year long up here in the frozen tundra) it would be nice to bring the kids somewhere to blow off all their energy that's not attached to a fast food restaurant. Plus nothing brings a community more together than have a park that everybody can share in the middle of the city. Let's call it 'Central Park', original right?

    Kane Skennar
  • 3

    Indoor Sports Complex

    I know we have one out in West End, but why not another one so other families don't have to travel as far. Don't get me wrong, the Heritage Center is great, but I don't think it would hurt to have two in the city.

    Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth
  • 4

    Go Kart Race Track

    Now this would be fun. Let's put some go kart tracks up there and start having fun. Maybe even an indoor one so it wouldn't but just seasonal? I'm definitely all for this idea!

    Clemens Bilan, Getty Images
  • 5

    Mega Arcade/Mini Golf

    Nothing against Adventure Zone, it's a great place to take the kids, but I'm reminiscing about those good ole Grand Slam Days. Let's have a huge arcade with video games for days, maybe a little food court, an even bigger lazer tag zone, and a giant mini golf course. Remember the castle mini golf at Grand Slam? Yeah, let's build one of those again.

    Getty Images
  • 6

    Affordable Living Space

    You see it all the time when a school closes down it turns into apartments. Now I'm not talking about housing or elderly apartments, but something that the average Duluthian can afford.

    Catherine Yeulet