The TSA is at it again, protecting us from the most dangerous criminals in society, the worst of the worst, toddlers!  A TSA worker at a undisclosed airport does a "security pat down" on a 6 year old girl! See the shocking video after the break.

I've seen a few of these videos lately and  I must say that it makes me so mad.  I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a group of toddlers that attacked us 10 years ago in New York.

Since when did America become a police state?  I understand security and I get why these pat downs happen and if they want to pat me down, fine.  But when I see these "workers" patting down kids it gets my blood boiling.

There is absolutely NO excuse for this, talk about taking the innocence away from childhood. We need a serious check on our political correctness in this country, when we are checking 6 year old kids for bombs just so a certain group of people doesn't feel offend or picked on.  Please comment below, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and feelings on this issue.  We need to have a serious adult conversation about this stuff, because it's getting out of hand!