Admittedly I am not huge fan of 80's Hair Bands per say, but when Hairball is in town I have to check it out.

Based out of Minneapolis, this cover band has really come into their own and is quite the entertaining experience, They have become wildly popular in the Twin Ports and is sure to be a Sold Out show every time.

I had not seen them perform in about 6 years, and what I saw on Friday night was a huge improvement with a big stage and pyrotechnics too.  Not only are these guys great musicians and good singers but the costumes are awesome.

I am guessing they have 2 leasd singers, but it could be more as they sing a 3 song set and then switch off. They started the night with some classic Kiss songs and not only are the costumes and makeup great, but they sound like the artist and have all the mannerisms down too.

The play list was awesome, Guns -N-Roses, Bon Jovi, Poison and even Prince! Even the crowd got into it with many people wearing mullet wigs and bandanas, some awesome people watching. and a chance to hear some of my favorite songs from the 80's, it was a good night.