I only wish I could have brought my childhood pet Maggie off to College with me, a 75 pound Golden Retriever, but I am sure my roommate would have thought that was a horrible idea.

The University of Northern Colorado Greeley is now one of a dozen or so Universities, that starting this Fall will allow a few students to bring their pet with them to school. Of course it is in one designated dorm, and I am sure these students need to act fast as this should fill up pretty quickly.

I love this idea, going off to College can be a very scary and at times a lonely place, what could be better than to have your pet companion waiting for you when you get home? As crazy as it sounds I was devastated when I left for school when I had to say goodbye to my dog. I know it sounds silly but she was my constant companion as a kid and I had never been away from her before.

Looking back now, I was in no way mature enough to have cared for her and try to get myself together to be an adult away from home, plus our dorm was so small it would have been crazy. For more information on this school and others that offer this click here