It has been a few weeks since the flood of the century, but many people and the Lake Superior Zoo are still trying to piece things back together. But, thanks to some very kind and inspirational kids, the zoo has been given a little boost.

Watching the news last night I was almost brought to tears in hearing the story of this handful of little kids who were devastated by the flood at the zoo and wanted to help.

So, what can some little kids do? A lemonade and Kool-Aid stand of course! And boy did they ever have a successful run, raising over $300! To me this shows the genuine kindness that we are all naturally  born with, and hopefully they will continue to have this type of compassion as they become adults .

The zoo is a magical place for kids and adults alike, and the insight that these kids had knowing that these animals cannot help themselves, and they as humans can do something, says a lot.  In the past weeks, many adults and kids alike have stepped up in their own way, and helped out neighbors and strangers, an example to us all. I have always known what a great place this is to live, and am grateful to people in our community who truly look out for each other, even in the toughest of times.