According to an organization called 24/7 Wall St initially Appleton was voted Drunkest City in Wisconsin, and now they have been up graded to the whole entire United States. Is it just me or is this something that the city of Appleton should be embarrassed about?

Many Minnesota residents often tease our neighbors to the East which often involves the Green Bay Packers, but the retaliation from Wisconsin residents is usually some form of bragging that "they" can drink you under the table. Well this may be true because not only does Appleton top this list but the next three cities in the top 4 are all in Wisconsin as well.

Here are some sobering statistics : Appleton has 4.4 bars for every 10,000 residents which is the 9th highest in the whole country. Now the population of Appleton as of 2014 was 73,971 while the population of Duluth is 86,128. I am not trying to generalize the fact that all people from Wisconsin are binge drinkers, but growing up in Milwaukee alcohol was a huge industry and no shortage of bars there.

Minnesota has a history of being more conservative regarding alcohol, no sales on Sunday, earlier bar close, 3.2 beer etc. so I guess someone has to pick up the slack, and Wisconsin has definitely stepped up to the plate.