A Teacher in Italy truly was thinking outside the box when he assigned tasks for his students to do over the summer break.

What kid is not waiting with baited breath for the last day of school and summer vacation to begin? I know when I was a kid I would be up early in the morning and on my bike and gone for the entire day. Yes those were simpler times, but I loved the sense of freedom that I had and exploring with my friends.

Our kids have always needed a bit of a push to get going in the summer, not all the time but when it was a beautiful day and we would come home to them laying on the couch the entire time, that is when we needed to intervene.

I love the fact that this teacher really took the time to make students think about what they are doing and learn from it. But, in a manner that they might not view it as work. With summer just kicking off and busy parents trying to manage kids being home all day and the millions of activities on top of it, I think we can all take a lesson from this teacher and stop once in a while and look around, taking everything in.