AccuWeather just became the Al Qaeda of weather terrorists with their new 45-day forecasts, that's right 45 days! You can now plan your Labor Day weekend or take a look at the weather for tailgating at a mid September football game!

AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski warns that people should not use the long-range forecasts as gospel but rather look at how the weather patterns evolve.

"On average, a given weather pattern may last three to five days, but there are some exceptions where you can lock into longer patterns of sunshine or cloudy weather," Sosnowski said. "This spring has been a good example of a longer-lasting weather pattern."

And looking at the Duluth 45-day outlook, things look dry, cool and sunny, I don't see 80 at all in the next month and a half, it looks like we will have had a three day summer if this prediction turns out to be accurate!