I think that Maya Rudolph is one of the funniest people on the planet, probably why I watched the movie "Bridesmaids" around 50 times so far, so when I heard she was in a Prince cover band I had to check it out.

Maya teamed up with her old College room-mate and has a little known band called "THE ROOTS" to back them. Heavy sarcasm about the band, in case you did not pick up on that. :)They first performed on The  Jimmy Fallon show and then did a surprise performance in Brooklyn where this video was shot.

I am a huuuge Prince fan, especially of his way older stuff, so I had to check it out. They are not half bad . Of course the band is amazing, so that helps. But, the whole time I am watching this I am thinking to myself are they kidding around or are they serious? Thankfully for them Prince thinks it is funny and has not sued them yet.

Keep it up ladies, the world is a much better place with some Old School Prince popping up on the scene!