Jeanne and I got into a discussion yesterday on the morning show about which kind of popcorn was better; microwave popcorn or air-popped popcorn. To end the debate, we've decided to turn to you for the final answer.

Jeanne contends microwave popcorn is the superior choice, saying it is fast and easy to make, and it is far more flavorful than air-popped popcorn; saying the air-popped kind "tastes like cardboard".

I argue air-popped popcorn is the better option because it is fresher tasting, and it can be as healthy (or unhealthy) as you want it. The ability to customize your flavor is much easier, plus it's fun to watch the kernels pop!

Now its your turn. What do you think the better type of popcorn is? Vote in the poll, and share any additional thoughts you have in the comments section below!