According to results from the survey, Americans chose the late comedian Groucho Marx as having the best facial hair.

Coming in second was the Dr. Seuss character the Lorax

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and third place went to the "Hunger Games" character Seneca Crane.













Here is the rest of the top 10:

4. Filmmaker and actor John Waters, known for his pencil-thin mustache

5. Ambrose Burnside, a Union Army general in the American Civil War whose facial hair style coined the word "sideburns"

6. Artist Salvador Dali

7. Funnyman Zach Galifianakis

8. Fictional anchorman Tom Tucker from "Family Guy"

9. Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson, closing pitcher for the San Francisco Giants

10. Clark Gable, famed American actor

I'm not sure how Mix 108's very own Tony Hart didn't make the list.

Laura Peterson