Here's some pretty personal information I don't often share.  I have body issues.  Most women do.  Some men too, it's not necessarily just a female thing.  There are many reasons why I think some women like myself have poor self-esteem.  One of them being I don't know what a size zero looks like and never will.  Or any single digit number.  I've struggled with my weight for many years. I know it's all about what's on the inside, but in a world where so much emphasis is put on looking hot in a bikini it's hard to look in the mirror and see past the reflection.  I try.  I run, I work out.  I watch what I eat (most of the time.)  But my genetic make up has not graced this body I was given with wonderful metabolism.  I know that I'll never ever be "thin."

And I know I'm not alone.  And as important as it is to tell myself that I don't need to be a single digit size to be beautiful, I also need to be leading a good example for my daughter.

Amy Poehler made me cry in this edition of "Ask Amy" when she gives advice to a young girl who is unhappy with her body.  Watch it.  And listen to her, she has a great point.