People say kids have no imagination nowadays and I have to say that I totally agree. How could they, with the types of toys on the market now they don't feel compelled to pretend.

Hats off to Pete Kaser, a teacher in Ohio who is doing something about it at an age when kids have a vast imagination.   He removed all the toys in his classroom filled with 3 year olds, and replaced them with cardboard boxes....and the kids love it. They are building rockets, cars and more.

A simple cardboard box, yep when I was kid we used to build forts with them and even slide down grassy hills in them until all that was left was a lonely piece of cardboard. My kids are a little to old to try this, but gives me a good idea for Christmas! :)

Kaser said he will bring back the toys at some point when the kids are over playing with the boxes.