The ice caves along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore have been a huge draw for people around the country to the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Superior. After thousands of visitors and millions of dollars have come into the area, weather conditions are forcing the caves to close.

After a long, cold winter that froze Lake Superior to a point where people could enjoy the ice caves, weather conditions have warmed up and lake ice is starting to melt and become unstable. Park officials say they will be closing the caves no later than Sunday, March 16, depending on weather conditions. As ice conditions continue to change, it may be possible that the ice caves may be closed earlier than Sunday.

If you are still hoping to make a last-minute trip to the ice caves, conditions are being monitored and reported daily. You can access this information by calling (715) 779-3398, extension 3. If the caves do remain open until Sunday and you are planning a visit, be prepared for large crowds. A small amount of parking at the lake access is available for a park fee, and shuttle services are being offered from area businesses. You can learn more about the caves, tips for your visit, and conditions by visiting the National Parks website here.