If his music videos are any indication, B.o.B is enjoying the fame and riches he’s acquired over the past two years. In the recent clip for ‘F—ed Up,’ the rapper partied in Hong Kong. Now, for his new ‘How Bout Dat’ video, B.o.B teams up with Trae the Truth and Future for an epic evening in a strip club.

How bout we hit the club and walk up straight to VIP,” the rappers suggest, and that’s exactly what they do in the clip. The ‘How Bout Dat’ video features many of the cliche shots you’d expect to see in a strip club video, like pole dancers, neon lights, stacks of money flying through the air, and lots of alcohol.

Director Gabriel Hart enhances the visuals by displaying certain key phrases as B.o.B raps them, including “Hop off dat,” “whut it do,” “freaks,” and “guess who home.” In one shot, B.o.B lies on the ground surrounded by upwards of ten scantily clad ladies as Future raps, “How bout we get a bunch of ones and let ‘em fly like kites.” We bet he had a lot of fun shooting that scene!

‘How Bout Dat’ appears on B.o.B’s latest mixtape, ‘E.P.I.C.,’ which precedes his next album, ‘Strange Clouds,’ due in stores on March 13.

Watch the B.o.B ‘How Bout Dat’ Video Feat. Future + Trae the Truth