For all the stressed out parents who are just trying to get their kids out the door for school, now they are analyzing your kids lunch that they brought from home.

At our house we are full in on this topic, except our kids are older and were told that this year they need to pack their own lunches for school. Well that went over like a lead balloon, none of them have made 1 lunch since school started, instead they want to buy lunch and complain about it.

Many parents struggle to get kids to eat healthy and when they are at school you know that some of them are throwing the nutritious stuff in the garbage. Plus, convenience is king, and I don't know how many thermoses, lunch bags and cool packs we have bought through the years, but they always get lost or broken right away.

This is not news to any parent, you know if you are giving your kids a nutritious lunch or not, and many parents strive for a happy medium. If you need more in depth analysis of this topic...CLICK HERE