After the Love, and before the Marriage and the Baby in the Baby Carriage, comes the Bachelorette party! We have put together the Top 5 ultimate Bachelorette party ideas that can be used on there own or combined to make a truly unforgettable party!!

In-Home Party

This may be a great way to start off the day, have a party at one of the bridesmaids houses, not just any party, but an adult party, one that specializes in toys for you, not the kids.  There are several companies that do adult parties, PartyGals and Pure Romance are just a couple, a quick search of Bing will net pages of companies.

If that is a little to much and you're looking for something a little more conservative, try a Mary-Kay or Avon party, and all the girls can get a fresh makeover before hitting the town.


Time for dinner with the girls, before a night of heavy partying you better make sure everyone has a full stomach.  Get all "did up" and check out one of these recommended Bachelorette dinner hot spots:


It's time to put this party into high gear, lets go get some drinks!!  This would be a good time to think about renting the party bus or limo to take you from bar to bar for some fine drinks and fun!  Here are some places to get your Bachelorette drink on!


Alright ladies let's go get our dance on! After enjoying some drinks let's stop by a few local favorites to work up a sweat on the dance floor and these are perfect places to have some Bachelorette fun with "Suck for a Buck!"

Twin Cities Getaway

We know this list is suppose to be about Duluth, but let's be honest, a lot of people go out of town. If you and the ladies are looking for a fun weekend getaway with plenty to do, just take a two hour drive south and you'll be in the Twin Cities with plenty of options. Go shopping at the the Mall of America or maybe one of the many outlet malls, Coach Factory Store anyone?  Swing downtown Minneapolis for some dinner and drinks, Block E around the Target Center is a good place to start, and get a room at the Graves 601 Hotel, right in the middle of everything, you'll have a night to remember.