The Minnesota Vikings head to sunny Miami this weekend to take on the Dolphins. While out of playoff contention, the Vikings are still looking to end the season on a positive note. Based on an interesting and semi-random stat from the 2014 season, the odds are in Minnesota's favor to win.

Through the course of the 2014 season, including the preseason, the Vikings have played a total of 8 games where the outside air temperature at kickoff was above 70 degrees according to NFLWeather. In those 8 games, the Vikings are 7-1.


  • Week 1: Kickoff temperature 75 degrees; Vikings 10 - Raiders 6
  • Week 2: Kickoff temperature 79 degrees; Vikings 30 - Cardinals 28
  • Week 3: Kickoff temperature 90 degrees; Vikings 30 - Chiefs 12
  • Week 4: Kickoff temperature 78 degrees; Vikings 19 - Titans 3
Regular Season
  • Week 1: Kickoff temperature 76 degrees*; Vikings 34 - Rams 6
  • Week 3: Kickoff temperature 87 degrees*; Saints 20 - Vikings 9
  • Week 4: Kickoff temperature 80 degrees; Vikings 41 - Falcons 28
  • Week 8: Kickoff temperature 78 degrees; Vikings 19 - Buccaneers 13 (OT)

*The two games starred above were played in domes, so the temperature wasn't necessarily a game factor. Also, the only loss on this list came in the same game where Matt Cassel left with an injury and rookie Teddy Bridgewater made his regular season debut.

Why does all of this matter? NFLWeather's forecast is calling for a sunny day with a forecasted temperature of 76 degrees for the game. Furthermore, Teddy Bridgewater grew up in Florida and played most of his football career in warmer climates.

In the end, there a number of other factors that contribute to a win or a loss beyond the temperature. I'm not seriously willing to bet on the Vikings simply because it will be warm during the game. At the same time, the Vikings are only 2-4 in games where the kickoff temperature was below 50 degrees. Full disclosure, one of those games was at Ford Field (indoors).

Looking at both of those temperature-based win-loss stats, hearty Minnesota residents and fans appear to have a warm weather team on their hands.