Even though she’s only a week old, Blue Ivy Carter is already pretty close to having 99 problems. What’s the latest?

Dispensaries in Los Angeles are now selling “OG Blue Ivy” marijuana. What!?

TMZ reports that in addition to being the youngest person to hit the Billboard charts, Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s baby girl is also the youngest person to have a strain of marijuana named after them. We’re sure her proud parents aren’t exactly delighted at the news, but at press time no lawsuits had been filed.

This is only the latest in a long line of controversy surrounding the tot. Before her arrival, Blue Ivy drew scrutiny, beginning with Bey announcing her pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs. Blue Ivy’s due date (she was rumored to be in labor on Dec. 29, 2011), her mama’s diet, her mama’s cravings and whether or not Beyonce was even truly pregnant were all questioned by press.

The rumors only got crazier once the girl graced the world. From the moment she was born and her name announced, Blue Ivy was dubbed an Illuminati princess and Lucifer’s daughter. Her birth spawned vandalism, lawsuits and even a headache for an event planning company.

On the bright side, the tyke seems to be great for the economy. Not only is her brand of kush selling pretty well, but her folks dropped $3,500 on her luxury crib, her first song is already on the charts and her gifts are going to good causes.