Bob Saget has made quite a name for himself in the acting and comedy world including roles as Danny Tanner of Full House, one time host of America's Funniest Home Videos, narrator of How I Met Your Mother, and a somewhat lesser-known role as crude-mouthed comedian trying to shake his otherwise squeaky image. Regardless of how you know him, I'm sure the role of singer doesn't come to mind.

Saget was recently introduced by the public address announcer at a Chicago White Sox game  as a "comedian, director, actor, and singer" before tackling the National Anthem. Celebrity singing at baseball games is often reserved for "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" for non-career singers, but in this case the world was treated to a comedian trying a more serious tune.

How did Saget do? Surprisingly well. Let's just say he didn't pull a Roseanne Barr. He got through the whole song in a passable manner and didn't forget any of the lyrics - the most common problem for celebrity National Anthem singers. Well done Mr. Saget, well done.