Every once in a while you read a story or watch a video that is truly inspiring. Meet Matt, who has Spastic Cerebral Palsy.  This video was shot by his mom at a school field day event. Matt had the option to sit out of the event but he chose to run. He has said in interviews that if was not for the cheering and encouragement of his classmates he may not have been able to make it.

With all the news we hear about bullying in schools, these kids are a true example of how kindness and encouragement can go a long way. The video is a little long, but watch the entire thing to get the true feeling of what an accomplishment this is.

As we are days away from Grandmas Marathon, many people from all over the world will be putting their minds and bodies to the test. When you are running up lemon drop hill and feel like you can't go on, keep Matt in mind . My guess is you will find the motivation to keep going!