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Here are today’s.

  • Another Leaked Video Of Bieber

    Justin Bieber had another candid video of him leaked.  This time he made more racist jokes and slurs even singing one of his songs with altered lyrics with the racist slurs.  If you remember he just apologized Sunday for a racist joke he made on a different video.  So, starting to look like a bit of a trend here.

  • Details On Katy Perry's New Songs

    More info has come out about the interview Katy Perry had with Cosmopolitan.  Katy said that her upcoming music, you can expect to hear about her relationship with John Mayer and the breakup.  Katy is going to be on the cover of the upcoming July issue.

  • Flying Cars Almost Here

    If you've been wanting that flying car, looks like you have to wait two years.  A company named Terrafugia has been working on two different types of flying cars.  The Transistion which will be released in Summer 2016 can fly up to 100 mph at 10,000 feet costs about $279,000.   Almost 100 people have already pre-ordered it.