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BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.


  • Justin Timberlake Gets the Bird

    JT was on stage at one of his concerts the other night thanking fans, when one fan flipped him off.  JT immediately stopped and called the fan out.  You can see the whole interchange and video HERE

  • Kninkles - A Thing Of The Past

    Prior to today, I had never even heard about Kninkles (Knee Wrinkles).  I never knew that they were even an issue that people were self conscious about.  After all, who has ever said to themselves that person must be old look at those kninkles!

    Well, if you have ever looked at your knees in disgust because of your knee wrinkles now called kninkles, there is now a treatment to lose those pesky kninkles.  The procedure costs about $500 and uses a combination of infrared and vacuum therapy.

  • More Sex = Less Dumb

    My first question is: Make makes you think about sex and intelligence as being interrelated?  My second question: why didn't my science teacher in High School ever do cool research studies like this.

    Researchers have found that having more sex actually increases intelligence.  researchers found that mice who had sex more regularly showed improvement in memory.  On the other hand they found that mice who were denied sex had drops in intelligence.

  • Miley Ruined Robin Thicke's Marriage

    Apparently Robin Thicke and his wife splitting up is result of his and Miley's VMA performance.  Sources say that was one thing in the long line of problems that has caused serious issues with their marriage.  According to sources Robin Thicke begged his wife to stay around at least during awards season

  • Katy Perry John Mayer June Wedding

    If you recall the rumor earlier this month, Katy Perry and John Mayer allegedly were engaged on Valentine's day.  That has not been confirmed.  However, Katy has been seen in public sporting what looks like a huge rock of an engagement ring.  In continuation of that rumor, sources say that they are planning on getting married in June.  Katy's father will be officiating the wedding nad they have found the perfect venue for it in Katy's home town of Santa Barbara.

  • Katy Perry Kissed A Girl And She Liked It

    Katy attended one of Miley's concerts earlier this month.  When she was there Miley, in the middle of performing 'Adore You', stopped and shared a kiss with Katy.  You can see the videos and pictures HERE

    Well now Katy Perry has broken her silence on the kiss.  You can see what she said about it HERE

  • Birthday Blast!

    ~~Actor, Mark Dacascos is 50 (Hawaii Five-O; Iron Chef America: The Series)

    ~~Actor, Bill Duke is 71 (Car Wash; Predator; many more)

    ~~Game show host, Tom Kennedy is 87 (The Price Is Right; more)

    ~~Actress, Marta Kristen is 69 (Norweigan, Lost in Space's Judy Robinson)

    ~~Actor Greg Germann ("Ally McBeal") is 56.

    ~~Actress Taylor Dooley ("The Adventures of Shark Boy and a Lava Girl in 3-D") is 21.

    ~~NFL legend Marshall Faulk is 41


    ~~Singer Corinne Bailey Rae is 35.

    ~~Singer Nate Ruess (of fun.) is 32.

    ~~Singer Mitch Ryder is 69.

    ~~Keyboardist Jonathan Cain (of Journey) is 64.

    ~~Singer Michael Bolton is 61

    ~~Bassist Tim Commerford (Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine) is 46.

    ~~Singer Erykah Badu is 43.

    ~~R&B singer Kyle Norman (of Jagged Edge) is 39.

    ~~Drummer Chris Culos (of O.A.R.) is 35.

    ~~Singer Fats Domino is 86

    ~~Guitarist Paul Cotton (of Poco) is 71.

    ~~Country Singer, Rodney Hayden is 34

    If they were still alive today:

    ~~ Johnny Cash, 'The Man in Black', would've been 82 today. He died September 12, 2003 (complications from diabetes).