BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.


  • GaGa Gets Denied

    Lady GaGa filed a permit to perform at SXSW, an event held on the Doritos stage in Austin, TX.  However, officials denied her permite.  It turns out that the officials looked through the logistics of everything, and GaGa is simply too big of a draw for the venue.  The crowd she would attract would bring them over capacity and they would not be able to handle GaGa's own production team.  You can read the whole story HERE

  • *LOCAL* The Puck Stops Here

    In local news, Section 7-A Hermantown Hawks are heading to state tournament after winning against Duluth Marshall 6-2.  Pictures and breakdown of that game can be found HERE

    Also in local sports news, the section 7-AA Duluth East Greyhounds are playing tonight.  If they win tonight they also go to the state tournament.


    Good Luck to you all!



  • Katy Perry Is Single *Again*

    Katy Perry is on a roll, having been on our BreakTime BreakDown several days in a row now.

    If you recall previous rumors, she was supposedly engaged to her boyfriend John Mayer on Valentine's Day earlier this month.  She was then spotted sporting a huge ring that definitely looked like an engagement ring.

    The next rumor was that they had their wedding all planned out for June and even picked out a venue.  Well now the couple is no longer together.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say, that was fast.  Full story HERE

  • Miley Addresses The Rumor Mill

    Miley appears to be a big fan of the headlines lately as well.  This time she is on BreakTime BreakDown addressing a few of the rumors surrounding her lately.  One of the rumors she wanted to address was the fact that she was cast for the part of Tinkerbell in a stage adaptation of Peter Pan.  "I would rather choke on my own tongue" the singer responded to the rumor.

    She also pointed out that the 'intimate' picture of her and Justin Bieber was a photoshop.
    You can read the full story and find out about her bruises HERE

  • Katy Perry's New Life Skill

    Katy Perry in the news again for today's BreakTime BreakDown.  She's a singer, songwriter, done a little bit of acting so shes an actress, but now Katy Perry can add midwife to her resume.  Katy perry just helped a friend of hers deliver a baby in her living room.  You can read the unbelievable story HERE

  • Longer School Days/Years

    Many school districts around the United States are thinking about extended the length of both their school days and school years.

    Supporters of the change cite the fact that in the world US education is slowly sliding and being less competitive with other countries around the world.


  • Birthday Blast!

    Today's CELEB Birthdays-- 2/27/14

    ~~Reality 'star', Jenni 'JWoww' Farley (of Jersey Shore) is 28
    ~~Actress, Joanne Woodward (Paul Newman's widow) is 84 (The Three Faces of Eve; Sybil; Philadelphia; many more)
    ~~Chelsea Clinton (Bill Hillary's daughter) is 34
    ~~Activist, Ralph Nader is 80
    ~~Actress, Barbara Babcock is 77 (Far and Away; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Hill St. Blues)
    ~~Actor, Adam Baldwin is 52 (My Bodyguard, Full Metal Jacket, Wyatt Earp; Chuck)
    ~~Actor, Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati's Dr. Johnny Fever) is 74 (Head of the Class)
    ~~Actress, Kate Mara is 31 (127 Hours; Shooter; American Horror Story)
    ~~Actor Grant Show ("Melrose Place") is 52
    ~~Actor Donal Logue ("Knights of Prosperity," "Grounded for Life") is 48.
    ~~Actor, Timothy Spall is 57 (Harry Potter's Wormtail)
    ~~Actor, Van Williams is 80 ( The Green Hornet's Britt Reid & The Green Hornet)
    ~~NBA legend, James Worthy (L.A. Lakers) is 53
    ~~Newly-retired NFL star, Tony Gonzalez is 38


    ~~Guitarist Neal Schon (of Journey) is 60.
    ~~ Singer Josh Groban is 33.
    ~~Singer Johnny Van Zant (of Lynyrd Skynyrd) is 54.
    ~~Guitarist Adrian Smith (of Iron Maiden) is 57
    ~~Guitarist Mike Cross (of Sponge) is 49
    ~~Drummer Jared Champion (of Cage The Elephant) is 31.
    ~~Singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (of TLC) is 43
    ~~Singer Bobby Valentino is 34
    ~~Keyboardist Paul Humphreys (of OMD) is 54
    ~~Musician,  Shonna Tucker (formerly of Drive-By Truckers) is 36

    If they were still with us:

    ~~Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor would've been 81, today.  She died March 23, 2011 (of congestive heart failure).