Jimmy Fallon's tonight show premiered the other night and had over 11.3 million viewers which beat out Conan's Tonight Show Premiere which had 9.17 million viewers.  Both guy's were beat out by Leno's last show with 14.64 million viewers.

Jimmy Kimmel Live debuted a new movie trailer for 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' starring Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, and if you're a Dr Who fan you'll also recognize one of the other ladies in it.  Karen Gillan shaved her red hair and went bald for it.  Zoe Saldana also makes an appearance, and that cute racoon shooting the guns;  that's Bradley Cooper! You can Find the Trailer HERE.

Miley's just kicked off her Bangerz tour and it doesn't seem to be going so well.  There is no age restriction for her show but some parent's are leaving early rather than subject their children to pornography.  Pictures have surfaced of her riding a hot dog, dressing in a skin suit decorated with Marijuana leaves, pretending to have oral sex with a guy wearing a Bill Clinton mask, and pretending to pleasure herself on top of a car.  Rumors say her entire management team is having an emergency meeting to address the ridiculous amount of complaints they have had.  You can see Pictures and Video HERE.

Ceelo Green appeared on Ellen alongside Lionel Richie.  After talking with Ellen, he announced that he will not be returning to this season of the voice.
Connecticut has passed a new law being termed the 'Ice Missile' law.  It make it illegal to not remove the snow off your vehicle before driving.  The idea is that the snow on vehicles could become hazardous to other drivers alongside or behind the vehicle in question.  After only a month in effect there have allegedly been over $27,000 worth of fines.

Think Minnesota should adopt these laws?