Mariah Carey Needs To Expand Her Vocabulary As Seen On HSN [VIDEO]
For what an incredible singer Mariah Carey is she really lacks some personality in the pitch department, as she is selling her wares of her clothing and jewelry line on HSN (Home Shopping Network). I lost count of how many times she used the word MOMENT. Wow...let's hope she does better than th…
Redneck Dubstep, Things You Can’t Unsee [VIDEO]
This guy is hilarious, and actually I am surprised he even knows what Dubstep even is? For those of you not on the Dubstep band wagon this will really turn you off to it. But,  I guarantee a few of you may be running to your garage or workbench and fashion your own version of the beer belt.
Alicia Keys Chops Off Her Hair
Alicia Keys debuted a taste of new music in the form of the song ‘New Day‘ a few weeks ago and it marked a change in sound for the piano pop diva. She’s taking that whole “change is good” motif a step further with her look, as the beauty has ch…
Lady Gaga Is Covered With Mini People in Fame Fragrance Ad [NSFW]
Lady Gaga dropped the first print ad for her Fame fragrance and she is naked, covered only by a black latex mask over her eyes and dozens of little men crawling all over her. It’s like David and Goliath, for perfumaniacs. It’s quite the intentional wardrobe malfunction, isn’t it?
The image is NSFW, s…

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