Valentine’s Day Spending Expected to Soar This Year
Americans shelled out more for holiday presents last year, and it looks like that trend will carry over to Valentine’s Day — analysts expect spending on gifts like flowers, candy, cards and jewelry to rise eight percent compared to numbers seen in 2011.
Pinterest: My Latest Addiction
Have you found it difficult to look at an old milk jug or a canning jar the same way you used to?  Do you frequently daydream about having a cocktail party so you can try out your amazing new drink recipes?  Has it crossed your mind that you should call in "sick" and conv…
Greatest Christmas Gift Freak Out Ever [VIDEO]
For me, it was an original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with Super Mario Brothers AND Duck Hunt.  I don't know that I had this same reaction, but then again, Youtube wasn't around in the late 1980's.  But I do remember how excited I was...
Tips for How to Win at Monopoly
Many families will be playing board games on New Year's Eve. Well, at least that's what we do. If you're always the one losing all your money first, (that's usually me) I found a few secrets to winning at Monopoly. It's not just a matter of luck...

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