Beard Ornaments For A Good Cause
Beards are all the rage these days and with the holidays coming up, why not decorate it? Beard Baubles was created to help to donate to Beard Season, an organization to spread awareness of Melanoma.
Awesome Christmas Hacks [Video]
The new buzzword you hear all the time now is Hacks, and it does not have the negative connotation that it used to. Now it is associated with innovations that usually will save you money and or time.
10 Holiday Movie Remakes We’d Love to See
'Tis the season to marathon endless holiday movies! As much as we love the classics, we can't help but want more, more, more! So, we've come up with some could-be holiday movie remakes -- starring some of our favorite celebs -- that we'd love to add to our Christmas wish list...
Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe
Over the weekend I was craving a nice cup of hot chocolate, but I had no instant mixes in the house. So I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some ingredients to make my own!

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