Jeanne and Cooper

7 Tips to Pick Out The Best Pumpkin
As a kid I loved going to the pumpkin patch with my family and get my very own pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Like a typical kid I would always go for the biggest one and my dad or brothers would end up carrying it for me. But, don't be deceived by a pumpkins size, their are actually quite a f…
A Personal Note to Our Loyal MIX 108 Listeners
By now you've probably heard that the Duluth Superior area's other hit music station, KDWZ, will be changing to a classic country music format on Monday. While the radio terrain in the Twin Ports has changed a lot over the years, one thing has remained the same.
Mix 108’s Willie Waffle Movie Review : The Visit [VIDEO]
Each Friday Morning at 8:30 am Cooper and I are lucky enough to touch base with our very own Movie Critic, Mr. Willie Waffle who gives great insight into what is playing in theaters. Due to feeling a bit under the weather Willie only has 1 review this week, but it is a doozie!

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