Check Out (and Avoid) the “Banished Words for 2013″ List
Lake Superior State University in Michigan has created a list of words to be banished for each new year, based on your suggestions.  The list goes all the way back to 1976 and has been a staple every New Year's Day since.  The most overused and annoying words of 2012 are put on the li…
Get Organized with this Back to School “To Do” List
For most kids, the summer is drawing to a close and school is just three weeks away.  While the children may be whining, many parents are rejoicing!  Since I'm a list maker, I've put together a to-do list to make sure you and your students are prepared for the First Day of School…
Top 10 Worst Pick Up Lines
After a survey, Yahoo compiled the top 10 worst pick-up lines of all time.  Maybe I've been hiding under a rock, but I actually think some of these would work.

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