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BreakTime BreakDown Wednesday February 19th
Jimmy Fallon's tonight show premiered the other night and had over 11.3 million viewers which beat out Conan's Tonight Show Premiere which had 9.17 million viewers.  Both guy's were beat out by Leno's last show with 14.64 million viewers.
Jimmy Kimmel Live debuted a new movie trailer for 'Guardians O…
Looking For Love Online? You Better Quit Smoking
Smoking has never been less popular in our society than right now, between commercials, billboards, increased prices for a pack of cigarettes and restrictions  on where you can smoke in pretty much every state in the U.S. Now the dating scene:
Cool New Battery Operated Board, Blows a Segway Away [VIDEO]
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)Can you imagine how much gas you would save using a motorized board to get to and from work? Or how about pulling up to school on one of these? It's not a hover-board like Marty McFly had in "Back to The Future" , but it is closer than ev…

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