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World Premiere Of New Video Games At VGX [VIDEO]
VGX is Spike TV's next generation of video game awards.  To be honest I could care less about who wins what award.
However, the one thing I always try to see is what is coming out within the next year.
The video games awards shows often have new premieres or more extensive videos on upcoming…
Xbox One Out Now!
Last night at midnight the Xbox One was released.  Release parties were held throughout the United States.
The two main official parties were held in New York and Los Angeles.  I made it down to one our local midnight releases myself to pick up my own Xbox One.
A Roundup of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Game Reviews
The 'Grand Theft Auto' video game series returns for its fifth installment, with the cleverly titled 'Grand Theft Auto V' which is set to be released on the masses today. Will you buy one of the tens of millions of copies that will be sold in the first weeks of the release..…
Check Out “Mantresting”–the Pinterest for Dudes
Guys were either feeling left out that the ladies were having all the fun "pinning," or they decided it wasn't manly enough to sign up and start their own Pinterest account so they could be pinning.  Now there's a new website that's just like Pinterest...only fo…

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