Last month, Chris Brown and his cronies felt the need to dress up like armed Arab terrorists for Halloween, which generated plenty of backlash from fans and critics. So what is Brown's response to the costume brouhaha? "Get over it!" he says.

In part three of his interview with radio personality Big Boy, Breezy addressed all the criticism he received after he and his crew dressed up like bearded terrorists toting fake guns. "It's f---ing Halloween," he yells during his profanity-laced tirade. "It's a motherf---ing Pagan holiday, we dress our kids up as Satan, demons, little goblins and all this other stuff. Get over it, people."

"I was dressed as the motherf---ing people we killed," Brown continued. "The person [we] killed: Bin Laden. I was dressed as the people [we] killed. It's nobody's motherf---ing business and everybody who's really mad about it, "F--- y'all."

Tsk, tsk. It seems that Brown doesn't get it. Why would anyone want to dress like the most sought-after criminal of the 21st century? And what about the families who lost loved ones behind Osama Bin Laden's despicable act of terrorism on 9/11? Is it none of their business that you want to parade around in turbans, beards and robes for fun?

Apart from Brown's less-than tactful response to the controversy, his thinking wasn't different from his mother's attitude about it. She tweeted to her son's fans, "Halloween is for fun nothing more than just fun. Get a life, please."

Now we can see why Brown jumped on the 'Nobody's Business' track with Rihanna. Art, often times, imitates life.