Christina Aguilera had her moment in the spotlight recently to discuss the two other Divas who have now jumped on the Reality Show judge band wagon. She was smart to play nice and really what choice does she have?

The Voice hands down is my favorite of all 3 of the shows,  including American Idol and X-factor . I have said on air too that I feel like American Idol has run it's course. The dragging out of performances and who will move on has gotten old.

I have watched glimpses of the X-factor, and I just don't see Britney Spears allegiance of fan keeping the show going past this current season. Kudos though to the power of Simon Cowell  for getting her to go on the show!

Funny as we get older we start to mellow out and realize that it is a big world and we can all enjoy a piece of the pie, way different than when Brit Brit and X-tina were both young up and comers and were neck in neck going for the same fans.

As far as Mariah Carey joining Idol, money talks, and girl has twins, so she needs to keep them in 24 carrot gold rattles.