Christina Aguilera and her pink and purple hair hit the late night circuit to promote her new single and video for 'Your Body,' and, of course, Season 3 of 'The Voice.' While on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,' she pretty much compared life on the set of 'The Voice' to high school, making jokes about how how they all behave.

"We're pranksters, behind the scenes," Xtina said. "We know Cee Lo loves his p----… Blake [Shelton] loves writing profanity in red lipstick outside his trailer door. So me and Adam [Levine] bond."

Xtina also discussed her hiatus from the voice for Season 3, during which she will be replaced by expectant mother Shakira. "What makes the show special, and why people appreciate it, is that the four of us are artists. We have to experience our fans, do our shows, record our records…so we can be great coaches. Now that it is back-to-back seasons, they understood and have been supportive. I love doing the show but I have to keep it fresh."

She addressed the forthcoming album 'Lotus,' and 'Your Body,' saying, "This is album is about freedom and my fans, [trying] be positive. It's a fun song, fun video, and I had so much fun playing that character." Hey, who wouldn't have fun being a bad-a-- chick who blows up cars and eats dudes for breakfast?

There was also footage of Xtina singing on 'Star Search' as a young, adorable little tyke. She lost, but had a good sense of humor about it.

Anyone else notice how huge Xtina's twins look? Those things have their own zip code.

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