I remember back in College the R.A. for our dorm was an older guy and one of his hobbies was juggling. One day as dorm activity he taught all of us how to juggle and it became a fun past time for me when I did not want to study, but this is insane.

Welcome to Combat Juggling, yes this is a real thing because apparently just juggling pins isn't hard enough.It is far from an Olympic Sport but I could see this being awfully entertainnig especially with more than two people. I of course also hung out with Ultimate Frisbee Players in College, so maybe my idea of fun is not like the average person.

Combat juggling is pretty comical in so many ways, but still would take a certain level of skill and good eye hand coordination. According to Wikipedia it is a sport played by two or more players juggling three juggling clubs at a time, and the object of the game is to maintain your juggling pattern while attempting to make your opponent drop one or more of their clubs. I could see this being the new summer backyard activity versus bocce or corn hole.