On the southern edge of Duluth, within the rocky terrain, sits a relic of the railroad history of the Duluth area. South of Spirit Mountain and west of Gary New Duluth sits a big outcropping of rocks that rise above the surrounding area. Carved into Ely's Peak, the highest point in the area, is an old railroad tunnel that was part of the Duluth, Winnipeg, and Pacific rail line.

Work began in late 1910 on the tunnel, and it was opened in August of 1911. A crew of about 120 people excavated the opening into the rocks, creating a 18-foot wide and roughly 520-foot long curved path toward Duluth from the area near Becks Road. It was abandoned going into the 1990s after the Canadian National Railway took over the DWP.

While some may have only heard of the tunnel, it isn't a total secret. Plenty of outdoors enthusiasts have explored the old rail tunnel, as the old railway serves as a hiking trail that also connects to the Superior Hiking Trail.

While 520 feet doesn't sound very long, the fact that it curves makes it dark in the center and gives it an ominous "creepy cave" vibe that adds to the fun we had exploring it. Here's how our adventure went.

If you plan on checking out the tunnel for yourself, do plan on bringing a flashlight and sturdy shoes. As you can see in the video, there are some areas in the tunnel where there are large rocks that you'll need to look out for. As far as how to get there, the easiest way to access it is to park in the Superior Hiking Trail parking lot pointed out on this map on Becks Road not far from Gary New Duluth, and walk up the stairway to the DWP Trail, where you can enjoy a quick 5 minute stroll to the tunnel.